The advantages of a kitchen island

Kitchen and dining room are places where we often spend time together with family and friends. They used to have a big round table in the centre bustling with daily life at breakfasts, dinners, and suppers. In this day and age, we have several decor solutions which serve as an alternative to traditional tables. One of them is a kitchen island..

The application of a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are usually assembled in single-family houses and terraced houses that offer a bit more space. Interestingly, an island can serve as a connecting element between the kitchen and the living or dining room or can separate these two spaces. When we invite guests, we usually want the living room to be the most representative room. The kitchen is a place of work where we prepare delicious meals for them. An island is a great way to separate those two areas and it does not make your house or apartment look smaller. Equally important is the fact that people preparing food in the kitchen are not completely separated from those remaining in the living room, so they can participate in family or social life without any problems at all.

The functionality of a kitchen island

An island in a flat is a very functional and practical solution. In many situations, it can be used both as a kitchen worktop to prepare food as well as a traditional eating table to consume meals. Underneath the top, you can place bar chairs and your decor is ready. The interior becomes useful and functional and offers a very original design at the same time.

An island is often an additional place for cabinets or shelves. You can even use it to grow herbs. It is worth remembering that an island shortens the distance between white goods in most kitchens.

And on top of that there are aesthetic qualities. A kitchen island is surely a fascinating decor feature. It is getting more and more popular in modern houses.

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