What are the features of modern kitchen furniture?

Much is said about the modern decor style. It is worth giving some thought to its actual features and what makes it different from other decor styles. In this case, let us focus mainly on modern kitchen furniture.

Modern kitchen furniture – what is it?

Modern kitchens in modern style are mainly distinguished by elegance, simplicity, and thriftiness. They are spacious and have a strict, geometric form. It does not mean, however, that they are cold or unpleasant. It is quite the opposite – all elements should be selected in such a way so that modern flats have a friendly, warm, and homely atmosphere. More importantly, in addition to aesthetic qualities, there are some functional aspects which come to the foreground. So modern kitchen furniture is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

As already mentioned, modern kitchens are characterised by thriftiness and simplicity. This is why every component is well thought through and serves a specific purpose.

What are modern kitchens characterised by?

There are several basic features which largely define modern kitchens. The front of kitchen furniture is usually smooth and emphasises the texture of the surface. White and beige are the dominant colours as they make the interior immaculately clean. Strong, distinctive colours, such as black and red, are quite popular as well. Modern kitchens are also characterised by wooden front cabinets. Exotic wood is especially attractive. Accessories and details, such as handles and legs, are made of chrome steel. Kitchen tops in modern kitchens can be made of stone, metal or glass.

A modern kitchen also consists of essential white goods which should be efficient and energy-saving.

A modern kitchen also consists of essential white goods which should be efficient and energy-saving.
According to latest decor trends, a modern kitchen is also part of the living area. Open space calls for attention to every detail. Kitchen must go well with the decor of the entire flat. In this case, the kitchenette should be designed in such a way so that using the kitchen equipment does not disturb the people in the living room.

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